GreenModelMe Daniela

At 27 years of age, Swedish model Daniela Christiansson has already done a lot. She is an internationally recognized Top Model (she won the World Top Model prize in 2015), travels the world working for major fashion houses like Valentino, Armani, Yves Saint Laurent, Nina Ricci and other prestigious companies like Bulgari, Rolex, Chopard, Elle Magazine, Lancia and more.

Daniela is fully engaged and multitalented in what she does, which comes across in her professionalism. Her bright personality has made her the perfect host for several award shows, and a great host for Fashion Channel.

Growing up in the natural surroundings of Sweden and Switzerland, Daniela developed a strong environmental consciousness. Her interest in environmental issues has led her to co-found Green Fashion Week, create the lifestyle blog GreenModelMe (formerly Conscious-Ness), and become the personality behind the Instagram account @thegreenfashionista.

Clearly, blonde haired, blue eyed, perfect toothed Daniela is much more than a pretty face. Daniela speaks 6 languages fluently and studies business administration, which have brought her to work on several environmental projects with the UNFCCC (Climate Neutral Now), and Ferrero. She also supports the Fashion Revolution’s “Who Made My Clothes” campaign; is an Ambassador to the Allcot Group’s Brazilian Rosewood Conservation project, and is a partner in the Eluxe Sustainable Luxury Awards.

The media darling and strong social media influencer is a keen promoter of smaller labels too – particularly organic cosmetics, eco-tourism and ethical fashion brands – with the aim of influencing as many people as possible into following a more sustainable lifestyle.

Daniela Christiansson